Sep 10, 2014

Why Would You Come Back?

I remember reading de Bono say that if you have to get from point a to point b, it might not be a bad idea to wander away to another point d and from there reach point b. It has had a huge influence on my choices in the twenties.

I would intentionally take an unfamiliar route while riding my bike and try to reach the destination, which I would, but without an idea how I reached there. The getting lost in the unfamiliar route was great fun. Finding the route back was equally fun. Those were the days when there was no google maps.

And then this evolved into exploring cities that work takes me to and the countries I backpacked in. Wandering around with a map or a book or based on local knowledge was thoroughly enjoyable.

In hindsight, I think I came back because I had to. Why would all the people who take flight in the morning come back? Is it because they have to? Or is it because they like to?

Jul 2, 2014

Mac Returns to Sleepyface

After a gap of 3 years Mac has finally decided to return to yours truly. In the 3 years I used Windows, the Dell Vostro machine was faithful and also earned a fan in me. I have recommended it to a few who were looking for a rugged windows machine. (Yes, I hear you and I haven't used a Lenovo, so, I can't comment). 

A few things have changed and I am still in my first 60 minutes of using the new macbook air. And these minutes have been like coming home.

Jun 29, 2014

Tangents turns 10

This year, if the earth continues to revolve at the same speed as it has been in the past thousands of years, this blog will complete ten years of going online.

While it is true that Tangents likes to believe that it leaps and celebrates its birthday only once in 4 years, it is quite an accomplishment for me to have a space such as this and have communicated in a way that is unparalleled. 

If I have to look at the performance of this blog, it has achieved its purposes of providing a space for me to think and reflect, inspiring others to blog ("If this guy can blog, I mean it should be pretty easy stuff") and most importantly brought connected me to some of the wonderful people in this world.

I initially thought I'd pick a few blogposts but I would suggest you dig in to the archives and read whatever appeals to you. I am surprised by some of my own blogposts and the thought behind it and some are wanna-be posts while others are plain stupid. I have overcome the urge to delete those that embarrass me so, yes, you may poke fun. 

Apr 16, 2014

Laila Vaserman Asks If She Can Trust Jignaes

Jignaes gets an email from Laila Vaserman from an email ID that ends with .jp. She asks all in innocence and seemingly candid, "I have something to share with you" and signs off with "Please let me know"

Jignaes' imagination runs over time. He thinks like the young surd in the new Coke commercial that seeks to blend in with times with their #openhappiness hashtag (youtube video:

In Jignaes' mind he is holidaying with Laila in a place that is mid-location for both of them - Bali. He goes to refill his drink leaving Laila to get her tan. He had no idea that it would work out so beautifully. 

In all earnestness, he emails her that he can be trusted and as an evidence, he sends her his half marathon certificate and his photo of running. Somewhere in his mind, he thinks people who run half marathon or more can be trusted. He signed off with trying hard not to reveal his excitement "Look forward to hearing from you"

Unfortunately he didn't ask if Laila can be trusted, because, in Bali, when he came back after a refill, Laila who was getting her tan was not to be found.

Apr 1, 2014

Books I Look Forward For

Some books would be really worth looking forward for. Like the one written by Robert Langdon, or Harry Potter. Having looked at them and their lives from outside, it would really be interesting to see the world from their perspective.

Had I known about Robert Galbraith I would have doubly excited to read his book. (Assuming Robert Galbraith is a 'he')

To begin with, it may not be a bad idea to have Jignaes write the next blogpost.