Nov 9, 2014

Jignaes Awaits Beautiful Photos

On a Sunday when everything else around him needed his attention, Jignaes chose to read his email, a particular one that was of no consequence to anyone, perhaps except Ms Bicha. The email read:

My Name Is Nani Bicha ,Am very pleased to contact you after I saw your profile at ,I am Interested In having a good communication with you as a trues friend, Please write me Back with my E-mail (nani** ) and tell me more about yourself, Your hobbies,Your likes and dislikes, as I love cooking, handball, singing,karaoke, reading,etc. I don't like dishonest people.I will tell more about myself with my beautiful photos once i get your reply.Remember, Distance,culture, age and color dos not matter any true friendship, but love and caring matters allot in life. hope to hear from you.

What mattered most for him was not the 'trues friend' part but Karaoke. Jignaes would go to any distance, cross cultures, bridge age for Karaoke. The gentle 'hope to hear from you' made him reply to Nani and is now awaiting 'beautiful photos'. 

Oct 6, 2014

Exchanges at the airport

person1: I was here before you were
person 2: No, I went to counter 23 but someone else came back and hence I am coming here.
person 1: I didn't see you before me in the line
person 2: Thats because I was in 23 and neither did I see you behind me when I was in the line
person 1: I already have a boarding pass
person 2: I also have one. They give one to every one who does a web-checkin and that does not make you any special


42 year old: Please stand in line
31 year old: Hello, I was here and I went to bring the tray for laptop
42 year old: That doesn't matter, you should go back to the line
person 3: (to person 2), thats OK, you can stand in front of me
31 year old goes and stands behind 42 year old, but is very, very irritated. 
31 year old to 42 year old: you get 10 points now that you are ahead
42 year old: *smirking* what 10 points?
31 year old: you can go and tell your mother that you won today in the line competition
42 year old: Learn to give respect!
31 year old: are you going to mention the 10 points also to your mother? It may make her proud


Oct 4, 2014

Blossom Book House on Church Street, Bangalore

There's nothing so fulfilling as visiting Church Street on a Sunday afternoon. One almost feels there lies the soul of Bangalore. Be it rummaging through the books in the Bangalore's favourite bookshop - Blossoms, or get a game of bowling or tank up in many of the cafes. The week doesn't seem complete without this visit. Somehow. 

Yours truly went to Blossoms today and saw people from all ages come and search for books. Physically searching for books still appears to be more joyful than typing a few keys and clicking a button. "Is there a lift to get to the third floor or do we have to use the stairs?" a couple of old men enquired. They were least disappointed when the owner said that there is no lift in the building. 45 minutes later, the old men were still looking for what they wanted book after book. 

"Have you read this book?" asks a father to his wife & daughter flashing a book. A foreigner is sitting on the floor and going through each art book in detail from a stack of about two dozen books, blissfully unaware that there are people who wanted to use the lane but took a detour because she was sitting.

People test their knowledge of books with the person behind the billing counter who seemed to know the author if you tell him the title of the book. A young couple patiently waiting while the staff looks up the book of their interest in the children's section.

All the above action was just in a matter of 30 - 45 minutes and observed when I was not looking at books or the contents of one of them. A great place for observing people and makes your Sunday most definitely.

Sep 10, 2014

Why Would You Come Back?

I remember reading de Bono say that if you have to get from point a to point b, it might not be a bad idea to wander away to another point d and from there reach point b. It has had a huge influence on my choices in the twenties.

I would intentionally take an unfamiliar route while riding my bike and try to reach the destination, which I would, but without an idea how I reached there. The getting lost in the unfamiliar route was great fun. Finding the route back was equally fun. Those were the days when there was no google maps.

And then this evolved into exploring cities that work takes me to and the countries I backpacked in. Wandering around with a map or a book or based on local knowledge was thoroughly enjoyable.

In hindsight, I think I came back because I had to. Why would all the people who take flight in the morning come back? Is it because they have to? Or is it because they like to?

Jul 2, 2014

Mac Returns to Sleepyface

After a gap of 3 years Mac has finally decided to return to yours truly. In the 3 years I used Windows, the Dell Vostro machine was faithful and also earned a fan in me. I have recommended it to a few who were looking for a rugged windows machine. (Yes, I hear you and I haven't used a Lenovo, so, I can't comment). 

A few things have changed and I am still in my first 60 minutes of using the new macbook air. And these minutes have been like coming home.