Apr 16, 2014

Laila Vaserman Asks If She Can Trust Jignaes

Jignaes gets an email from Laila Vaserman from an email ID that ends with .jp. She asks all in innocence and seemingly candid, "I have something to share with you" and signs off with "Please let me know"

Jignaes' imagination runs over time. He thinks like the young surd in the new Coke commercial that seeks to blend in with times with their #openhappiness hashtag (youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=kbYSUS7o3pE)

In Jignaes' mind he is holidaying with Laila in a place that is mid-location for both of them - Bali. He goes to refill his drink leaving Laila to get her tan. He had no idea that it would work out so beautifully. 

In all earnestness, he emails her that he can be trusted and as an evidence, he sends her his half marathon certificate and his photo of running. Somewhere in his mind, he thinks people who run half marathon or more can be trusted. He signed off with trying hard not to reveal his excitement "Look forward to hearing from you"

Unfortunately he didn't ask if Laila can be trusted, because, in Bali, when he came back after a refill, Laila who was getting her tan was not to be found.

Apr 1, 2014

Books I Look Forward For

Some books would be really worth looking forward for. Like the one written by Robert Langdon, or Harry Potter. Having looked at them and their lives from outside, it would really be interesting to see the world from their perspective.

Had I known about Robert Galbraith I would have doubly excited to read his book. (Assuming Robert Galbraith is a 'he')

To begin with, it may not be a bad idea to have Jignaes write the next blogpost. 

Jan 8, 2014

A Mesmerized Cathy Balbir Stranded in Istanbul

Dear World,

I am in Istanbul, Turkey at the moment, and unfortunately for me i can't make withdrawal from my bank account from here. My Bank cards declined due to network security reasons.

I contacted my bank but I was told i need to get back home before this problem can be resolve at my bank headquarters and i urgently need to pay some bills to avoid embarrassment here. I am so confused right now, I don't know what to do or where to go.

Please I need you to loan me some money to sort myself here till i get back. I promise to refund your money as soon as i get back home. Please let me know if this will be possible so I can forward you details on how you can get the funds wired to me.

Cathy Balbir

In reality, Cathy Balbir is counting the mails from mailer-daemon informing on the undelivered mails for help, sipping coffee. Out of nowhere, this blogpost appears on her screen and mesmerizes the wits out of Cathy Balbir who goes on to read every single blogpost written on this blog in its close to 10 year history (increasing Tangents' readership by 100%)

Nov 19, 2013


Some snapshots from Shanghai. The below is a shot of one of the supposedly busiest shopping streets in the world - Nanjing Road. You'll get most major brands and lots of men and women offering you massage. The place is generally full of energy.

 Another snap from Nanjing Road

This is the approach to the Bund. The Bund is a waterfront area, lining the Huangpu river. You can cross the river through a ferry. This is a tourist spot as around the sunset, Shanghai's skyline really lights up and what you see is a symbol of the city's prosperity

A blurred photo from the ferry while crossing the river.

This was at 1 AM. He was singing decent songs, if I remember right, it was English & Chinese songs. There were a few people listening to him and singing with him. 

In front of The Marriott, the place looked deserted, but, I caught this panorama that was too good to resist.

Nov 18, 2013


You will surely remember watching Sachin taking the day-lights out of the Australians in Sharjah and single-handedly won the game for India and subsequently the series in 1998? You may also remember India was in a psychologically losing position that day. I watched it too. I was in my 12th Standard had my Biology exam the next day. A subject I hated. Like the Indian team, I knew I was in a losing position vis-à-vis my own exam.

Sachin showed me that an individual can single-handedly turn a losing a game into winning. He showed me a miracle can happen. I believed him. I believed that a miracle can indeed happen and I can clear the exam the next day. I believed in myself. So #ThankyouSachin