Jun 29, 2015

Waiting For An Indefinite Amount Of Time

“He’s just barging into me!” she complained to the man with her as they made their way to their seat in the aircraft.

As they sat in the emergency exit seat listening to the customary instructions by the air hostess, the person at the window started laughing and soon she and her partner joined as well. The laughter, much to the amusement of the people in the adjacent rows, lasted well after the hostess finished her discourse.

Weird things were happening around her this evening and she had started to believe that she attracts weird events and actions from people. The recent one was a few minutes ago on her way to the airport, the instance where what she thought was a truck coming towards her was actually two motorcycles and hence passed right through her. Thinking that nobody had laughed at the air hostess when she says the windows need to be open at the time of take-off and landing, she concluded this could be the last for the evening, a few minutes later she would dismiss the thought.

The baggage never seem to arrive and she was with only a couple of people who were waiting for the baggage near the empty belt.

When she went to the baggage services, she was told that she had to now wait for an indefinite amount of time as she was in a dream and the person in whose dream she was in, had woken up for the day and there was no certainty if he'll see the same dream again.

Jun 20, 2015

Are you feeling too Cold?

The cabin lights were dimmed in the aircraft and suddenly it became too cold. I reached out to close the duct on top and caught the eye of the air hostess in the aircraft. I was at least four rows away from where she was and yet she asked me if it were too cold. I nodded in affirmation. She immediately changed the settings and asked me if it were okay now. What was amazing was that all this happened through reading the lips and about 20 people around me.

I am served the cold coffee that I ordered in a coffee shop and the take-away cup is too cold. I reach out for the napkin to wrap the cup. The Barista on instinct, offers a cup holder which also acts as an insulator to make my life a little easier.

Neither the air hostess nor the barista need to have done what they did. They could have completely ignored how I felt and there was nothing that I could've done about it. This is the subjective part of their role that no job description can write. Yet when both of them asked if I felt too cold, I actually felt quite warm.